Taskbar Preview Customiser

Taskbar Customiser 2 Icon
Taskbar Preview Customiser 2 is a complete rewrite of the previous Taskbar Preview Customiser software, which allowed you to change the size of the Taskbar Preview in Windows 7 (the small thumbnails that appear when you mouse over an open window on the taskbar).

Built from the ground up with performance and stability in mind, the application now has several new features including:

  • Support for Windows 7 and Windows 8 (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions)
  • Enable or disable the Live Previews
  • Change the size of the previews up to a maximum 512 pixels.
  • Enable or disable Aero Peek (desktop preview)
  • Remove the time delay for Aero Peek to make it instant.
  • Now portable – the application can be run from a hard disk or flash drive without the need for installing it.

Taskbar Preview Customiser UI


  • Requires Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • 743KB//EXE//Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
  • Download