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Thanks for purchasing the new robotics control solution from JGM Software.

Setup Guide

Firstly, enable Bluetooth on your device and on the NXT. Make sure the NXT is set to “Visible”. On your Android device, go to “Wireless and Networks” in the Settings. Touch “Bluetooth Seetings” and then “Scan for Devices”. Touch the name of your NXT device that appears after the scan. Press the orange button on your NXT to confirm the pairing. Enter the pairing code on your Android device (typically this is “1234”). When you see, “Paired but not connected”, you have successfully paired the devices. Now, open up RobotiX and tap the “+” icon. Select your NXT from the list shown. You are now ready!

Controlling the robot with buttons

Tap the arrows to move and turn the robot. The red stop button can be used to immediately stop all movement of the robot. Use the bottom buttons to control the power (speed) of your NXT. The power cannot be set lower than 50%, because the motors on the NXT need at least 50% power to function, and smaller amounts may damage the motors on your NXT. You can use the “A/BC” button to choose whether you are controlling the motors connected to the A port, or the B&C ports (typically used for driving and steering a robot).

Controlling the robot in Accelerometer Steering mode

To enable tilt steering, tap the tilt rotation button [third from the left in the top menu bar]. Tap again to disable the accelerometer steering mode. While the mode is enabled, a green indicator will show in the icon to let you know. Hold the device in a horizontal position. You can use the accelerometer readout at the top of the screen to help with this. Tilt the top of the device down to move forward, and the bottom down to reverse. Tilting the left side of the device down will turn the robot a small amount in that direction, and in the opposite direction when it is tilted to the right.

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