Rendezvous User Guide

Frequently Asked Questions and Random Utterances

Why is my location sometimes wrong when I share it?

Using the GPS and getting a location with a phone is one of the most power hungry things you can do, and it eats up your battery. The Android version was coded specially to ensure that Rendezvous uses almost none of your battery. As a result, the location can sometimes be less than 100% accurate. But at least you have some juice left to phone a taxi after your night out. JGM Software are currently working on an update for the Android app which will improve location accuracy whilst keeping battery usage to the minimum.

Rendezvous is being weird.

Sounds like something isn’t working. Damn. We hate it when that happens. Not to worry, we’re awesome and we can probably fix it. If you’ve found a bug or something that doesn’t work properly, let us know so we can fix it. Message us on Facebook or tweet us if it’s an Android problem. For a big scary bug, use the Contact Us page on this website and we’ll get right on it. If you’re having problems with the iOS version, tweet Bruce Collie. If you’re having problems with the Windows Phone version, we can’t help you because it doesn’t exist and you’re probably on the wrong site. Try Google.

Rendezvous made me happy.

Awesome! Tell all your friends about us so we can raise more money for charity. If you’re feeling generous, why not donate to our Just Giving page? Thanks! You’re helping some really ill people.