Legal & License

Android Apps

All of our Android Apps are only available from the Google Play Store. Refunds are available from JGM Software only during the 15 minute period allowed by the Google Play Store. Support is available for our paid Android apps. App piracy is not tolerated and proof of purchase is required to receive support or free add ons. Illegal distribution is strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to withdraw technical support when faced with abuse and threatening behaviour, which has sadly occurred in the past.

Windows Software

All JGM Software is for personal use only. Although utmost care is taken at all stages of the development process, all downloads should be virus scanned, making sure you have all available updates and definitions to your product before installing. Backups of data and system images or restore points should be taken where appropriate. JGM Software accepts no liability for any problems/difficulties/loss of data arising after/during installation of our software. Although JGM Software will never host or distribute malware of any kind, we recommend that you virus scan all downloads before installation.

We regret that no support can be offered for any free JGM Software products for Windows. Commissioned solutions will come with their own licence agreements.

Otherwise, all work is licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported Licence.


All external links are accessed at your own risk.